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About Artificial Grass Pretoria – Artificial Grass Tshwane

 About us

Artificial Grass Southern Africa – Tshwane started in 2015 as a result of our passion for landscaping and conservation.  In our busy every day lives, TIME is our biggest enemy. We do not always have the time to do all the things we want to. That being one of the reasons why we decided to buy into this initiative. Not only does our product saves you money in the long run, it saves water, and quality time that you get to spend with your family over weekends.

Artificial Grass Southern Africa – Tshwane is an official supplier and installation company, specializing in the professional fitment of synthetic grass for sport and leisure.

Our highly trianed staff and high quality products are sure to provide the end user with a world class system that is designed, build, and fitted to last!

Not only is our turf being used in the sports world, but the demand for other applications increase daily. Our grass is versatile and offers comfort and durability. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, our grass will cut down the maintenance costs in maintaining real grass. Lets face it : Time is money!

Our attractive grass is ideal for areas where a green landscape is preferred, yet real turf is impractical due to high traffic, maintenance costs or environmental issues. Whether you are aiming for a lush garden look, or a short neat look, we have the product that will suit your application perfectly and create a dream area or garden you have always wished for.


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